SyncScan 3 (Phased Array with TFM)

64:128PR Phased Array Flaw Detector with TFM

Advanced Solution for Welds & Corrosion

More Possibilities for Demanding Inspection

  • TFM 3D real time imaging.
  • Up to 6 TFM modes in one time.
  • TFM image resolution up to 1024 x 1024.
  • Support raw FMC data recorded, no need to re-scan.
  • 64 channel PAUT with higher sensitivity and SNR, ideal for > 100 mm thick welds.


  • New practical buttons for quick access (save, scan keys, etc).
  • Compatible with SyncScan 2 files, convenient for user’s operation.
  • 12.1″ high-resolution touch screen, for better view and user experience.
  • UT / PA / TFM / TOFD sub-mode design for fast accessing to oriented interface.
  • Upgraded ABS cover ensures better sealing and anti-impact, with handy switch for easier locking and unlocking.

Wireless Transmission

  • Wi-Fi is used for SuporUp acquisition software, ensuring real-time data transfer from SyncScan 3 to laptop, convenient and high efficiency.
  • If no Wi-Fi on-site, user could insert a SIM card to turn on 4G network, enabling wireless connection anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to NDT ultracloud platform (reserved).

Fitting Curve Algorithm in TFM

  • The algorithm can enhance data transmission and computing ability, to improve SNR and TFM imaging speed.
  • Free selection for TFM image resolution and up to 1024 x 1024.
  • Raw FMC data can be recorded and exported, allowing TFM re-imaging by multiple propagation modes without re-scanning (10 propagation modes available for now).

64:128PR PAUT

  • 2.5x faster PAUT scanning speed, up to 7 m/min.
  • CAD import function, convenient for complex workpiece setup.
  • 64 channel PAUT provides better coverage and SNR, especially suitable for inspecting > 100 mm thick materials, complex composite materials, etc.

4 Channel TOFD

  • 3x faster TOFD scanning speed, up to 15 m/min.
  • 4-ch TOFD are especially suitable for welding inspection with thickness up to 300 mm.
  • Simultaneous display of TOFD + UT provides full coverage of workpiece without any blind zones.

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