RailRover (Digital Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector)

Hand Push, Easy to Use, Reliable

Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector RailRover is the latest digital hand pushed ultrasonic rail testing machine. It has 9 channels and an independent channel for handheld confirmation testing of welds and rail foot.
RailRover includes a GPS location system, internal memory for saving data and is able to transfer data to a PC or laptop via micro SD card connection, enabling simple and easy defect management.

Detection Channel

RailRover has 9 individual ultrasonic transmit/receive channels for rail testing and an independent hand held channel for defect confirmation, sizing and manual inspection of the weld or rail foot.

Superior Features

Channel Offset Function

Channel Offset Function:
To set the hole combine value for the channel.
If the user adjusts the probe position or changes the standard installation site of the probe, it will lead to mal-position of relative location in B-mode image. At this time users can use this function to get correct B-mode image.

Measurement Function

Measurement Function:
To use horizontal and vertical cursor to measure length, depth and position of flaws. The measurement function is active in the B-mode image only. There are two measurement methods: measuring single defect, measuring defect spacing.

GPS Location System

RailRover can record testing time, location, working time, speed and walking distance. All of these information can be recorded and downloaded to a PC for management. The information can be printed out as a report for direct maintenance.

RoverUp — PC Software

The system is configured with RoverUp software for main functions below:

  • Browse function.
  • Information display.
  • Measurement function.
  • Dynamic switch of multiple language display.
  • Reporting: to generate test reports.

Memory and Review

Browse Function

RailRover can save up to 4GB data files. Each file includes data, time, operator information, defect location, rail size and distance.
Alternatively it can store infinite continuous recording using A or B scan format. Using a micro SD card, it can save data for up to six months of operation. The recorded information can be reviewed directly on site using the RailRover or transferred to a PC using the micro SD card.
Software is supplied with the RailRover for the user to manage this data using a PC.

On Site Application

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