CTS-5XX1 (Multi-Channel Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector)

Multi-Channel Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Based on PC platform and by working with probe detection and mechanical devices, the new series can be achieve automatic ultrasound testing with high accuracy, reliability and high efficiency

Superior Feature

  • It can support from 32 to 128 ultrasound channels (there are four type of housing for 32 / 64 / 96 / 128 channels).
  • Each PCB has 8 independent T/R channels.
  • For the same PCB, any transmission channel can combine with any receiver channel. Each PCB can have combination up to 8 groups.
  • For the same PCB, the channels work in turn. Different PCBs can work at the same time or work in turn.
  • Each ultrasound channel has conventional UT, with max. PRF up to 2.5 KHz/channel.
  • High perfromance T/R front-end.Square wave transmission can be up to 500V
  • Working frequency range: 0.5 ~ 20 MHz.
  • High speed digital signal processing and transmission.
  • A-Scan real time sound and light alarm function, passive measurement or marker interface, input and output control functions.
  • B-Scan full time recording, measurement and calculation, and movie replay functions based on time or encoder.
  • 2D rotary encoder connector.
  • Automatic inspection of beginning / ending sensor input control.
  • Data management and statistics functions.
  • Remote control function by PC through LAN connector.
  • WiFi transmission.

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