CTS-4020E (Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector)

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The digital ultrasonic flaw detector CTS-4020E is suitable for various detection demands, such as forged pieces, welding lines and airplane parts.
The CTS-4020E represents the persistent fine tradition of SIUI: innovative technology, advanced process, small size, lightweight, powerful functions and easy operation.

Innovative Technology

Continuous innovation and endeavor towards world-class technology is SIUI’s consistent goal. The CTS-4020E combines all good performance of a large ultrasound system in very small size: at least 63dB detection sensitivity surplus will meet detection demand for large forged pieces or coarse-crystal material; LAN Ethernet port for real-time communication with a PC (Host) and remote control; Cine loop function for recording dynamic scanning process; The simple and convenient interface wave tracking function is good for immersion detection; Together with new techniques and new functions such as DAC, TCG, RF echo display, large memory and USB port, the CTS-4020E becomes a handy ultrasonic flaw detector with excellent performance.

Superior Features

  • Probe frequency testing function.
  • Probe angle (K value) measuring function.
  • Variable PRF: avoid reverberation signals during flaw detection.
  • Large capacity lithium battery pack for continuous operation over 6 hours.
  • High-brightness color TFT LCD, bringing optimized effect for reading and measurement.
  • Color differentiation display function for second echo signals, when detecting with an angle probe.
  • Ethernet communication for achieving real-time communication with a PC (Host) and remote control.
  • Large memory for saving up to 1000 data sets, including wave forms, curves, parameters, test reports, etc.
  • USB port for saving system stored data and data waveforms to a USB disk, as well as easy printing test reports.
  • 10 waveform and character colors are available for selection.
  • RF (Radio Frequency) echo display: good to thin-wall material measurement, academic research or qualitative analysis.
  • Peak value memory function and echo compare function: useful for fast scanning, measurement and comparison on workpieces.
  • Cine loop function for recording dynamic scanning process.
  • Operating frequency range: 0.5 ~ 15 MHz, highlighting advantages of high sensitivity and broadband.
  • Interface wave tracking function: Immersion detection or precision measurement can be easily achieved through the logic relation between gate A and B.
  • Complete DAC and TCG curve function: convenient for echo evaluation, suitable for on-spot detection, such as detection on large forged pieces and coarse-crystal material.


  • EL display screen: It can work under operation temperature of -20 deg C – 40 deg C, but does not support screen color change.
  • Software DGS / AVG.
  • Software AWS D1.1.

Simple, Practical & Convenient

Elegant & handy, easy operation and powerful functions, all of which represent SIUI’s persistent design concept: simple, practical, convenient and reliable.

EN-12668-1 compliant

Application Examples

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